Climate Justice

In this theme, there is one subtheme that can be proposed:

Strengthening the Resilience and Adaptation of Vulnerable Communities to Climate Change [Subject Code: CFP#3]


This page contains guidelines that will help you to understand the procedures before you submit a proposal. 

  1. Read all information related to the 2022 Tifa Foundation Call for Proposals carefully

  2. Download the proposal, budget, and organizational assessment templates at the end of this page.

  3. Send all documents in point number 2 to email no later than July 15, 2022 at 23:59 WIB

  4. In the subject of the email, you must use the format: subject code according to the subtheme [space] the name of your institution. Example: CFP#3 Tifa Foundation, if choosing the subtheme 'Strengthening Resilience'

  5. Subject code MUST be written without spaces and must be identical to the example and subtheme choices. Note the example. Tifa Foundation does not tolerate applicant institutions that mistakenly write the email subject according to the provisions or do not include the subject code according to the choice of subtheme.


Communities, especially those who depend directly on natural resources, are particularly vulnerable to and experience the worst impacts of climate change. Their vulnerability is further exacerbated by a lack of awareness of the impacts of climate change in their daily lives and a lack of government capacity and clear strategies to reduce the impacts of climate change and increase community resilience.

Tifa Foundation is concerned with contributing to efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The impacts to be achieved are: increasing theresilience and adaptation of vulnerable communities (especially communities that depend on natural resources, including farmers, fishermen, forest edge communities, indigenous peoples, etc.) to climate change. Program strategies that are prioritized in this call for proposals include, but are not limited to:

  • Activities to encourage government commitment and policies at both the central and local levels to strengthen climate change prevention and mitigation efforts (including but not limited to the National Determine Contribution, National Action Plan for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Regional Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation, and so on).
  • Activities to encourage the dissemination of youth engagement to participate in efforts to prevent the worst impacts of climate change
  • Efforts to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable communities (especially those who depend directly on natural resources such as fishermen, farmers, indigenous peoples, etc.) in preventing the worst impacts of climate change.


A. Organizations that Can Participate in Submitting Proposals:

All civil society/non-profit organizations can submit proposals to the Tifa Foundation with the exception of those specifically stated to be CANNOT receive grant funding from Tifa, such as individuals and government organizations.

B. Possible Programs:

Tifa Foundation is interested in funding the activity proposals submitted under this subtheme with consideration activity design that that can show clear and measurable outputs and impacts, focus on change, there are new innovations, have a clear sustainability plan, and have the potential for expansion or replication and contribute to strengthening the value of diversity and deepening democracy.

C. Unfunded Programs:

Tifa Foundation will not fund proposals that: (1) are solely intended to finance travel and individual participation in an event; (2) are academic research that is not directly related to or contributes to advocacy efforts; (3) are submitted by local governments or central government agencies.

D. Program Period

The Tifa Foundation will fund the proposed activities for a maximum duration of 12 (twelve) months or ending in October 2023 at the latest.

E. Budget Size

Besar maximum funds that can be provided by Tifa Foundation is IDR 500.000.000 in the program period for each subtheme

Event will be ended on July 15, 2022